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Ed Robertson, PT began working on the design for Badger Braces over a decade ago. He has been a Physical Therapist for nearly 30 years working primarily in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He has taught Biomechanics and Analysis of Human Movement at Washington State University for many years. He has served as a clinical instructor for Athletic Training students for 15 years as well.

As a Physical Therapist, he knows ankle sprains are the single most common sports injury and that approximately 2 million ankle sprains occur each year in the United States.

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Rexy Snow


“I absolutely love my brace! I get the stability I was lacking from ALL the others, plus I have no swelling at the end of the day. Which was my biggest problem before. I recommend this to Dr. Flock, telling him this exact thing. Those other braces have nothing on the Badger Brace! Plus it fits in all my shoes!!  Thank you for giving my life back!”

Kelsey Olson


“As someone prone to ankle injuries, I was very upset my recent ankle injury would put me out of hiking for a while. Hiking here in Hawaii is a big deal, there's countless trails to explore. The footing on the trails is pretty rugged so I needed a really nice brace to keep me stable, but thin enough to fit into my boots. Through my research I found Badger Braces and liked the blend of orthotics and foot taping. In past injuries, I've usually had my foot taped by a physician, it's a tried-and-true way, but it's not sustainable and it can only go so far with support. I liked the orthotic sport insert in my brace, it keeps my foot stable and upright. The left and right side options along with the specific shoe size all make for a comfortable/stable brace I'm very happy with. I would recommend this brace to anyone with a moderate – severe injury, especially the sports insert for active people since it and the brace fit in all of my shoes very nicely. Thank you so much!”



“I have been wearing a pair of ASO ankle braces to play basketball since I sprained my right ankle. I Just recently sprained my left ankle while wearing the ASO brace. Had an opportunity to try a Badger Ankle Brace on my sprained left ankle and played some tough basketball for an hour and had absolutely no pain while cutting and jumping. Very nice tight fit and it kept my ankle from any movement unlike the old ASO braces I got of amazon. The tightening straps at the bottom of the Badger Brace give way more support than the top straps on the ASO’s - also shorter and easier to use. The Badger Ankle Brace also comes with a removable foot orthotic which also adds support.
I try to be good to my feet these days since I’ve had ankle problems and a bout with plantar fasciitis, and these new Badger Ankle Braces are going to keep me active on and off the court.”



“I love the Badger Brace. It feels so natural I forget that I am even wearing it, although it is very supportive. Also, the bag, shoehorn and sleeve are all really well thought out. I love it! Thanks again!”

Steven Black


“When I first came to see you I had been wearing one of those clunky walking boots for a relatively minor foot sprain. It did keep my foot immobile and helped my foot to not ache. But what a nuisance to wear and hobble around in!  


I had tried to rig up my own lower profile supports with Ace bandages so I could wear normal shoes and walk more normally, but also not wince when aggravating my sprain, or have a dull ache at the end of the day.  So when you gave me your brace I was really glad to have it.  It keeps my foot from aching but I can wear my normal shoes.  I forget that I'm wearing it for most of day. 


Thank you very much!”


“After trying 2 different braces my dad told be about Badger braces! This is the only brace I could wear all day and not cry when I got home. It was an instant relief of pain when I put this on! The support and comfort was unbelievable!! Thank you!”

From Badger Braces - Karen’s experience is common with the Badger Ankle Brace. Its combination of the foot orthotic arch support and the unique design of the brace together is like 2+2=5 - people are literally able to “hit the ground running” following an injury or surgery. Thanks for sharing your experience, Karen.

Scott McMurtrey

Accomplished Ultramarathoner and Avid Trail Runner

“I love running big miles on big mountains, but I’m often rolling my ankles on the uneven terrain.  Traditional braces have left me wanting when it comes to comfort on the trails.  The Badger Brace offers a great combination of comfort and support and it gives me the confidence to tackle big terrain even when my ankles aren’t 100%.”

Tim Flock

MD Fellowship - Trained Foot & Ankle Surgeon


"Ed, thanks again for helping my patients recover from injury or surgery.  I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from them.  Also, pricing is reasonable.  Personally, I think having a brace that lets the patient drive after right-sided injuries earlier that other braces is huge, especially in helping our folks get back to work."

Ken Kladnik

Certified Athletic Trainer


"With almost 40 years of experience as a certified athletic trainer, I have seen many different styles and types of ankle braces. I am convinced that the Badger is the very best of them all. The arch support is a great concept for ankle stability and the brace itself is very supportive and comfortable. I have a significant ankle injury and used it on myself. I loved the way it fit and the amount of support that was provided. I would not hesitate to recommend this brace to anyone for both prophylactic and post injury support."

Bailey H.

Former PAC-12 Soccer Player


"Having reoccurring ankle injuries my entire sports career, I never thought I would find a brace that could work for my sports demands. Like every soccer player I needed a wide range of motion for my ankle and a certain amount of stability. The Badger Brace is the only brace that has met and exceeded those needs."

Bruce H.

Former Montana Tech Football Player


"As a former college athlete and active weekend warrior, the Badger Brace allows me to play hard while having the support and confidence I need to participate without fear of furthering old injuries.  Love this brace.  Truly the last one I'll ever need to buy."

Michelle H.


"I have been wearing the Badger Brace for just about 10 days, and love it! I injured my foot/ankle just over 4 months ago while running a half marathon. I was initially put in a walking boot for a couple of weeks. Every step was painful so I went back to the doctor who asked me to try the Badger Brace. I am finally able to walk pain free! It gives me more support than the boot, without the bulky, uncomfortable feeling."

Nadine B.


"The Badger Brace has stabilized my ankle better than both the other braces I have used prior. It is comfortable and fits into most of my shoes. I was told I needed a fusion because of my arthritis. I just spent 5 days at the fair with my grandkids and their animals and it has greatly reduced my pain and I can be on my feet constantly. Ed Robertson was very helpful and answered all my questions."

Frani (Amazon Review)


"My 17 year old son sprained his ankle and then kept re-injuring it before it could fully heal. We tried so many other, cheaper braces with no success. He wore his Badger Brace every day for about one month. He could do all his sports as competitively as he wanted. He was so pleased. After about a month he gradually decreased his time in the brace. Now four months on and he is pain-free!!! Awesome product."

Amazon Review


"My daughter wears hers for volleyball and since wearing it hasn't complained or had any ankle pain or injuries!!! Thank you Badger Braces!!!!! We are ordering another for her other ankle to help protect it from injury! Love it!!!!!"

Amazon Review


"As a health care professional, this is the brace that I would recommend to any athlete and to weekend warriors who need support. This brace is superior to any other off the shelf brace that I have seen because of the design and orthotic component. Don't let the cost deter you, this brace far outshines any other brace on the market and is worth every penny. I recommend the Badger Brace for all my ankle and foot patients."

Amazon Review
"The Badger Brace is my go-to ankle brace as a physical therapist and as a coach. It has helped athletes return to play quicker than any other ankle brace on the market as well as help prevent further injury. This brace is a game changer!"