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Ed Robertson, PT began working on the design for Badger Braces over a decade ago. He has been a Physical Therapist for nearly 30 years working primarily in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He has taught Biomechanics and Analysis of Human Movement at Washington State University for many years. He has served as a clinical instructor for Athletic Training students for 15 years as well.

As a Physical Therapist, he knows ankle sprains are the single most common sports injury and that approximately 2 million ankle sprains occur each year in the United States.

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***** The braces only come in whole sizes. The orthotic included in the brace runs true to size. It is always recommended to go smaller rather than bigger. If you typically wear a 10 1/2 I would recommend a size 10. You will be assured that it will fit your foot, be comfortable, effective, and easily fit in your shoes. *****

The Badger Brace applies modern biomechanical concepts to controlling the forces and motions that really do result in ankle sprains. The straps attach to the front of the brace and pass over the Anterior Talofibular ligament, the most commonly and severely injured ligament. This prevents the ankle from rolling too far and protects the ligament from injury.


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  • Badger Braces come in a re-usable, breathable, washable drawstring bag that protects the brace from becoming tangled in shoelaces and clothing and protects delicate Lycra garments from snagging by the Velcro straps. Included with the brace is a Competition Lace and Strap Sleeve that covers the laces and straps to prevent unintentional loosening. Included in the kit is a thumb drive containing videos produced by Badger Brace inventor, Ed Robertson, a Physical Therapist with 25 years of experience in sportsmedicine and orthopedics. The videos detail Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III exercises with guidelines for safe return to sport participation. The kit includes a resistance exercise band so you can begin your rehab at home immediately.

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